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Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

This region region has some of the most amazing diving conditions with pristine unspoiled reefs not showing any sign of bleaching. The Biodiversity of Coral and Marine life is outstanding from over 100 Nudibranchs to many species you are guaranteed to dive with at certain times of the year not using cages and no chumming.
Recommended : Sodwana,  Ponta do Ouro

Kite Surf
Kite Boarding and Surfing

Join us for some epic Kiteboarding/Surfing and music in Ponta and Sodwana with so many options within a few meters.... from surfing Big Cyclone waves that you can ride from the point to the beach. The wind blows a few days each week through the year to Kite the entire year on some super flat water on low and surf some big surf on a NE or SE wind. Also  Recommend : St Lucia Cape Vidal


This region has some of the best fishing in the Southern Hemisphere with bill fish a plenty, catch and release of course! Join some of the operators in the region or launch your own boat with required permits and follow the regulations in this Marine Reserves. Recommend : St Lucia, Sodwana, Ponta do Ouro

Dolphin Swims
Dolphin and Whale watching

The Ponta do Ouro Marine reserve is well know for the friendly Dolphin encounters, which can practically be guaranteed when heading out with one of the operators in the region. At certain times of the year you will also encounter Whales heading North and South in huge groups. Also Recommend St Lucia, Sodwana.

Game Reserve tours

There are numerous Game reserves in the region catering for you passion whether it be Big 5, Birding or the Floral kingdom (the no2 Biodiverse in Africa) Recommend StLucia, Hluhluwe, Sodwana, Ponta do Ouro, Maputoland, Pongola, Lebombo


There are so many hiking options whether along the beaches to the Kosi Lakes Mouth to Mamoli in the North or head up to the Lighthouse in the Ponta do Ouro region. However all the regions have good hiking even in some of the reserves.

Beach cycling

There are various businesses that rent out fat bikes for riding on the beach and in the deep sands in the region or bring your own to cycle to Cycle all the regions including some of the reserves. MTB Recommend St Lucia, Maputoland, Lebombo


There are a few companies that regularly offer Meditation, Yoga workshops so check the various regions for Activities there.. Recommend Ponta do Ouro, Sodwana, St Lucia

Booze Cruises

Mozambique.. Rent a Quad Bike for a really good social Baraka tour to Malongane or make use of your own with family following in a 4x4 vehicle for an exciting day/evening out with limitation on use limited to 10pm.


Mozambique... There are a few really good Restaurants in the region offering some typical Portuguese meals including Fired Pizzas. Mozambique is well know for its Peri Peri chicken, Prawns and Fish dishes so a must when here.


Mozambique... Support the locals offering you Meals and drinks from 2M beer to R&R drinks made famous by the late Fernado. Fernando's in the market is a must besides some of the Baraka Restaurants nearby offering you great budget meals.

4 x 4 Adventures

Many of the regions are well know for its 4x4 technical driving experience. Test your driving skills in Ponta region driving the old border road including heading north to Malongane and definitely to Santa Maria through the Maputo Elephant Reserve. Kosi bay also has many tricky drives to Black Rock.

Beach Horse Riding

Horse riding is available if you head north to Santa Maria region and also in St lucia.

Quad Bike tours

There are many Quad bike rental agencies in Ponta do Ouro so rent a Bike and head out to really experience the beauty of the region. Join a group and head out for a social evening cruising from one Baraka to another on your way to Ponta Malongane and Mamoli.

Sightseeing tour

Join some of the local tour operators on a tour of the region either in their transport or leading you across the region to some of the highlights worth seeing for future trips and for your stay in the region. Check each region for Operators as there are plenty secret spots only they know hot to get to.


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Public Transport

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Details of how to get here, Border issues and Regulations.


Border Issues

Mozambique expects you to have a Rapid Covid test, which can be done at the borders including South Africa entrance. Visas are available for Non-SADC countries. You must also pay for  a Temporary Import Vehicle permit and 3rd party insurance into Mozambique. Your 3rd party Car insurance does not apply here. Make sure you passports are stamped before leaving the border.


Make sure you have all you documents with you and that your passport entry are stamped for presentation at numerous road blocks you can encounter. Do not confront officers but be courteous and respectful if there is an altercation. Stick to the speed limits in the region.

Fishing boats

On arriving get your fishing boat permit including inspection and fishing licence making sure before entry to Mozambique that your safety equipment is in a 100% condition.

Jet Skis

Fishing Jet Skis are only permitted and not for leisure as it is a Ponta Marine reserve. You also need to register your Jet ski and pay for off shore fishing license throughout the region.

Respect Locals and police

Respect all the locals and especially the police. Keep in mind there are Covid regulations in place, which you need to confirm with your local accommodation hosts on arrival monitored by the police.


Regular Promotions and News


Here is some local advice on the region


Whether you are into Scuba Diving, Fishing, Surfing, Kiting, Snorkeling, Paragliding.. you name it you can find it within a few kilometers within Regions - select Region for all your options available there.

4x4 Vehicles

Many regions here require a 4x4 while Ponta has a Tar road to it many of the facilities in the region require a 4x4 or 2x4 with diff lock. Ponta Malongane/Mamoli can be tricky in Season especially in December & January.


Internet is available in the entire region but no wifi at the unit. Certain reserves do not have cell phone reception such as Ndumo... Purchase Airtime from the Vodacom dealers you will see in the region offering you SIM packages. Purchase airtime and then convert to Data for the best packages.


The entire region accepts Rands and Master and Visa credit cards only. BCI Bank in Ponta has a ATM that accepts all cards mainly Master and Visa cards. No American Express. Drawing cash at the ATM  has a hefty withdrawal fee so ideally bring some cash with you and Rands are accepted at most establishments at a local exchange rate.